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Evanston is among the communities where Edward Balcsik does real estate closings.

Evanston is a city on Lake Michigan in Cook County, Illinois directly north of Chicago, east of Skokie, and south of Wilmette. The city was first settled in 1836, and has a total population of 74,239

The City of Evanston imposes a transfer tax of $5.00/$1,000 of sales price. This is charged to the seller. A final water reading is also required. The City Clerk?s office collects the tax and issues exemptions from the tax. The Evanston City Clerk can be reached at 847.866.2925. This information is current as of 10 October 2007.

Evanston has a landlord-tenant ordinace which modifies the general Illnois law.

Evanston provides no cost training to Realtors, property owners/managers, tenants and individuals who are interested in purchasing or renting property in Evanston.

One key aspect of Evanston's Landlord-Tenant Ordinance relates to Security Deposits.

A constant concern between landlords and tenants is the security deposit. Here are a few rules that both sides need to keep in mind:

Unless agreed to by both sides in writing at the signing of the lease, security deposits cannot be used for the tenant's last month's rent.

Landlord's are to return the tenant's security deposit 21-days after surrendering the position of the unit.

Should the landlord determine conditions or repairs that cannot be attributed to normal wear and tear, he/she may deduct the cost for repair/replacement from the tenant's security deposit. If this is done, the landlord must provide the former tenant with a list of the replacements and their associated costs. This list must be presented with the balance owed, if any.

Interest earned on the security deposit for a 12-month period must be paid 30-days after the tenant has vacated the unit.

Landlords cannot establish a security deposit that is more that 1.5 months rent.

These rules only apply in Evanston.

So if your looking to buy or sell a house or condo unit or other real estate in Evanston and need a lawyer to help you through the transaction, please contact my office at 773 275-0754.

Edward Balcsik is an attorney whose practice includes real esate law, particularly the purchase and sale of residential real estate. Please note: The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law and that the certificate, award or recognition is not a requirement to practice law in Illinois.

Residential Closings

Single family house or condominium unit closing from just

purchasers - $295

sellers - $195

closing special details    

Evanston Real Estate including residential and commercial

Radon Disclosure

Effective 1 January 2008 the sale of a house or condo unit is subject to another disclosure reuirement. Sellers now must give a Radon Disclosure.

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