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Condominums - condos

Condominiums are a form of ownership in which individuals separately own their unit - the air space inside the interior walls, floors and ceilings of their unit, but they jointly own an undivided interest in the common areas that they share. Common areas often include the land, lobby, hallways, swimming pool, and parking lot.

In a condominium unit owners elect a board of directors to run the association and manage the common area. Unit owners make monthly payments to the association to cover the cost of running and maintaining the association and common areas. Unit owners are also subject to the rules and requlations of the association. .

Edward Balcsik is available to provide legal representation to condominium associations or their members. Whether seeking to collect overdue assessments, organize your association, or modify the condominium documents my office can assist you.

Residential Closings

Single family house or condominium unit closing from just

purchasers - $275

sellers - $125

closing special details    

Building Code Violation

Building Code violations and housing court.

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